First, thanks you for your interest to our agency ...
  you wanna work in a safe and healthy environment?
  where your schedule is flexible? where you are treated as friends?

  At Ultimate, we listen each of the needs and features of each
  of our escorts. we take appropriate measure to satisfied her, as well as
  the college student who wants to increase   her income, or the
  full-time worker who looking for stability.

  So if you're open minded, pretty good appearance, between 18 and 30,
  with or without   experience and that you possess good interpersonal skills,
  leave us a chance to know a little more about yourself.

  You can contact us at any time by calling or texting at 514-919-7393
  or by sending a e-mail at

  Please include a brief description, some pictures and a way to
  contact you.   I will be happy to answer your request, your questions
  and meet you soon.

  Thank to you ...